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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  December 7, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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breast. the hope is to catch it earlier, before it escapes the breast. there are 180,000 new cases every year, 40,000 die from it. that sounds really bleak. as cancers go with lung, for example, 180,000 deaths per year. with breast if you catch it early and get a good response you can save a patient. this was aggressive and spread. elizabeth edwards dead at age 60. >> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." it doesn't surprise me at all that president obama agreed to spend at least $100 billion that we don't have to extent unemployment benefits for 13 more months. because i, and if you watch this program, know about cloward and piven. you know it and i know it. collapse the system by overloading the welfare roles. but there is another part of that as well, which means i'm not surprised that the president gave in to extenting the bush tax cuts.
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it may seem like a loss to many people as the president but do you believe that rahman who rammed another megabill after another megabill down america's throat had a change of heart and care what is the other side thinks before they even take power? hmm. how is the left reacting? they're outraged. he is a sell-out. you don't think he knew this was coming? of course he did. do you remember the strategy meeting in the summer we showed you the videotape where van jones said bottom up, give them a reason and they will rise up. bottom up! the president didn't lose on this. he is the top down part. you are watching a carefully crafted play. you remember when anita dun was most proud to get the press to talk about what they wanted them to talk about. you have to watch the other hand. has anyone paid attention to what is happening in russia? they are now set to control 50% of the u.s. uranium
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output. they now have committed to partnership with the united states, russia and the united states partnering on the smart grid technology. that doesn't sound good. also the f.c.c. is making a power play, going around congress and the court to silence talk radio, fox and control the internet. all the while, we're watching a bomb going off in every household, every business. every place, every capital in the world. it's called wikileaks. i believe that is where we have to begin tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to ask you who the most feared person in the world is right now, feared by people in power. the man behind the wikileaks
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drama being played out in real life. his name is julian assange. this man has business executives, he has politicians and leaders all around the globe. trembling in their boots. i have would guess everybody but vladimir putin. the guy stabs whales with toothpicks and kills them. everybody is freaked out about this man. they're terrified of the mere thought of what secrets he might expose about them on the internet. the truth shall set you free. but it will make you miserable first. we're about to hit the misery part. many people would rather have slave chains to secrecy than endure the misery required to live in the truth. so they will fight, oh they will fight. which puts assange straight in the cross hairs. but who is aiming at him?
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i want you to come with me and hear this tale. i don't think anyone has told the tale of julian assange in an explainable way. we're going to try tonight. something is not right here. he appeared in a london court today after being arrested, but not charged by british police. he hasn't been charged with anything. but the arrest had nothing to do whatsoever with leaking information and classified documents on the internet. he was arrested over sexual offenses, alleged sexual offenses in sweden. he refused to -- he was refused to be let out on bail, despite wealthy supporters offering $150,000 to, you know, spring him out of jail. filmmaker ken loeshe, john pillner and other donors agreed to pay $90,000 between them but the judge said no. it's a bit ironic than the
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man dumping national business and personal secrets over the internet is potentially brought down by something he did in secret. or did he? i want you to understand, i don't support this guy and i don't support what he's doing but i'm torn on this story. he is exposing that the governments have been lying to us. a job we've been trying to do but have been pillared all over the world for doing it. i don't want a guy to go to jail or be silenced for something he didn't do. i don't support him. but i want you to the look toward the crime he committed to warrant an international manhunt. this is not sitting right. assange is under investigation for sex by surprise. what is that? it's sweden's version of
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rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. routine cases of sexual coercion have maximum penalty of two years in prison. but there are separate allegations from another swedish admirer he was also hooking up with. i want to show you a rough timeline of events from the british newspapers. as i go through this, i want to try to -- it's confusing but i want you to follow this along with me and then ask yourself this question. really, does this make sense? and if this were done by you, would you be getting the same attention that he is getting? would you not be let out? watch this. i want to show you first of all, person number one. we have can't show you the actual photographs of the
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accusers. we don't do it. call her woman number one. she met assange at a seminar hosted by the swedish brotherhood movement. what is the swedish brotherhood movement? it's a hardcore, far left group with anti-semitic ties and partnered with s.d.s., students for a democratic society. so he speaking at this seminar and she's there. she is well known in radical circleals and in college was protege of the militant academic hosting the post-on catch pus of sexual equi it officer. whatever that is. in the past, woman number one has also had a blog posting that has since been removed called the seven steps to legal revenge. that explained how a woman can use courts to get their, to get back on unfaithful lovers. step seven says.
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go to it. and keep your victim in sight. make sure your victim suffers just as you did. here she is. we know who she is. she is a radical, uber leftist. she is at this panel where he has been invited to speak. remember, this is in august. he was invited to be the key speaker at the seminar on war and the role of the media. this is about the time when assange was threatening to release more confidential documents. so woman number one agrees to let assange stay in her apartment, leading up to the event. she says i'll going to be gone for a few days. i didn't work out that way. she was staying with friends. and he was staying at the apartment. well, on a friday, she decides to come home early. and he says well, i'm going to have to leave because you're here now. she says no, no, no. you can go ahead and stay.
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so, they go out for a nice dinner at a restaurant. sparks flew. they go back to the apartment. and they get busy. consensual busyness. this is important to the story so i apologize. a condom was used. but it broke. both agree that it was consensual. and that the condom broke. that is important. now, she claims that she was raped. really? because it doesn't show here. here is why i say that. because the very next evening she put together a party in honor of him. at the apartment. that was held after the seminar. got it? the next day. assange speaks at the seminar. now there is a video of this event and it was made available by, swedish network of
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alternative media reporters and the crowd and the journalists were made up primarily of leftist swedes who were sympathetic to wikileaks. he is introduced by a swedish social democrat, social democrat. remember that's what putin and everybody became when the soviet empire collapsed. they went from communist to social democrats. introduced by a social democrat who defended wikileaks as upholding international law. he's surrounded by friends. assange gives his speech and everything went as planned. well, almost. there is one person there he couldn't miss. one attractive young adoring female fan who sat right in the front row. caught his eye during the seminar. we found this photo from the daily mail. we have blurred her face out. but here she. here is the seminar. and here she is. now, remember, he is at the seminar staying with woman number one, staying at woman
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number one's house and he sees woman number two at the seminar. apparently she attended a seminar because she's a fan of assange. what 20-year-old wouldn't be uber fan of julian assange? famous, he's rich, he's good-looking. okay; he's famous. kind of. one out of three ain't bad. actually, he's pretty terrible. but this is woman number two. but here is where things get a little murky. there are conflicting sources here, but woman number two is allegedly hanging around after the speech by the stage, trying to catch his eye. and they do. unfortunately, they don't really talk. but these two start to talk. they start to chat. woman number one. and woman number two. i mean what are the odds?
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woman number one introduces woman number two, to assange. and says, hey, you really should meet her, even though we just had sex, you should meet her. well, they end up hanging out in a group setting. after some flirting, assange and woman number two make a break-through and they go to a movie together. leaving woman number one here. this guy is a player. he must be really good, because again, sparks fly. and assange says you are hot. you're great. we should continue this. but i have to run to woman number one's house because she is throwing a party for me. hosted by the woman he slept with the night before. woman number two is left at the movie theater. like any good dirt bag, he
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promises to contact woman number two real soon and heads to the party, woman number one's house. remember, women number one supposedly had been raped the night before. but here she is organizing a party in his honor. now who hasn't thrown a party for the guy who just raped you? but she had just a good time that night she tweeted during the party. "sitting outside, nearly freezing with the world's coolest people. it's pretty amazing." to me, this doesn't exactly fit the profile of someone who has been sexually assaulted by guy number one. while she tweeted that, assange was flirting with woman number two on his cell phone. well, eventually they meet again. that monday. woman number two. and julian actually convinces her to buy him a train ticket. because he needs to get out of the city, but he needs
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cash because he fears the government would track him. so she says to okay, but i've got to go to my apartment to get the cash, which is lucky because at her apartment they can have sex. they have sex. consensual sex. and assange wears a condom. the next morning they have sex again. where did i put that money? oh, i don't have any pants on. this time, however, no condom. there is the problem again. woman number two is so upset by this rape she decides to go to breakfast with the man who just raped her. you see? after breakfast, assange heads out. she pays for his train ticket. to leave. he is a romantic guy! okay, if this account is true, then both parties apparently agree that sex was consensual, which doesn't make much of a case here. where is the crime? well, sweden is a little
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different. it's sex by surprise. didn't have a condom. well, there wasn't much of a crime there. that's why the case was closed in august. so to woman brought in a high profile swedish social democratic attorney. wait, social democratic. where have i heard that? putin. he's supporter of the campaign to extend the legal definition of rape. as a result of him being brought in, in september, the case was reopened by authorities. now here is where things get sketchy. regret begins to set in with woman number two. woman number two is the one who contacted the attorney. if you tell somebody about a rape, your mom, you dad, your sister, your best friend. no, she decides to call woman number one. woman number one and woman number two, they realized when they started talking, he
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doesn't love me. he's a liar. he's a dirt bag. a few days passed. why act right away. after the revelation that he didn't love them, and that's when the two women took action. two women now, because two women claiming this is so much better than one. they went together to the police to report they were seeking advice on how to proceed with an assault claim. woman number two claimed she was upset that assange refused to wear a condom when she asked. and i don't know, woman number one said that, you know, raped them in between the party and the breakfast. i don't know. does that sound right to you? i want you to know i am not defending assange. i think he is a dirt bag. i think he is a dirt bag. he obviously has no problem using his 15 minutes of fame to sleep with anyone who is
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crawling. but i have to tell you something, if you look at the people who are all lining up in defense of julian assange, and you see that these two are uber leftists as well and you know the case that we have laid out over especially the last six months of bottom up, top down and inside out. something is wrong. i want you to know the government is lying to you. i have made a living out of the last two years telling you the government is lying. julian assange is not saying anything new. but why? i go back to the beginning. why is he being held up by the uber left? and the same uber left demonizes me. well, maybe because i don't want revolution. i just want honesty and integrity. this guy believes in global chaos and bringing down the system.
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this man is different. and that, that is the problem. he is a dangerous man. i want the lies exposed and so do you. i want smaller government. no, no. he doesn't. he is anti-government. do you remember when i told you that those who want real pow rer looking to use anarrists and chaos to -- anarchists and chaos to their advantage? bottom up, top down and inside out. i showed you, anarchists, all the anarchists just want to overthrow everything. he's one of them. that's what is happening here. the problem here, this guy started a ticking time bomb. it doesn't matter what happens at this point to. it doesn't matter if he raped somebody or didn't rape somebody at this point. really, for you, if you want him to continue to release his documents because you say yes, they're lying. well, it means that the government across the globe can no longer function because they won't trust each other and the system will fail.
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it's cloward and piven on dishonesty. overwhelm the system. on the other hand, if you want him picked up off the street, you have to come up with something. he hasn't committed a crime. are are we writing a new law for him? are we going to put him in jail? if we do, for what? this guy may have raped three women. i don't know. i do know he is blackmailing the entire globe. no one will believe it. if the guy is legitimately hit by a truck walking down the street, he was drunk and he drank it himself, what percentage of the planet will believe that was an accident? what are the odds of all of that happening? i'm not convinced this is anything other than a set-up by the left on the left. the cynic in me says that julian assange is a player with the left. and all the while, he's being used by the left. they will speed it up. causing more distrust in the system. look at the reaction to the
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story. everyone is calling this honey pot or operation midnight climax because they don't trust anyone in the government anymore and they shouldn't. but this causes more paranoia and plays in hand of the uber left. look how everyone is questioning the establishment. everyone is questioning the establishment. it's bottom up. we haven't scratched the surface on this story. this is like hour one of season in "24." this is the beginning of the time i told you would come, where you wouldn't know who to believe or what to believe. you had to be strong inside yourself first. too many people in america are living to their favorite talking head, me, rush, rachel maddow or whoever. they're paritying that. you can't do that. you must look in the story yourself and decide yourself, because the stability of the world is at stake.
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julian assange may not be the man of the year. he may not be the man of the decade or the century. he may actually turn out to be the man of the millennium. good or bad. because he may be the man that pushed us off the edge. and headed toward profound global change. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith in new york. fox news confirmed elizabeth edwards died today of cancer at the age of 61. she was, of course, the wife of john edwards who ran for president in 2008. back in 2004 she announced she had breast cancer. in 2007, announced that it was in remission and had returned. just in the last few days we learned from family and doctors that it had spread to her liver. and that doctors had told elizabeth edwards they believed further treatment, further chemotherapy, further pain and suffering was not
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going to be productive. and elizabeth edwards went home presumably to die with her family around her. she is the author of two books, a champion of a number of causes. one of her books about the death of her son who died when he was 16 years old. and her battle with breast cancer. the second book "resilience" discusses how she felt when she learned of her husband's infidelity.
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>> glenn: i'm going to show you the solution tonight on this assange thing. it's funny to me how the media goes into details when they want to find out what caused terrorists to blow up innocent civilians. then they don't even look at julian assange. what is his motivation? one quick look at some of his supporters should send us -- i don't mean to be funny here -- but red flags. the socialist alliance in assange's native australia said wikileaks and assange deserve our strongest support in the fight against the war and exploitation. the world's socialist website, also published by the socialist organization. socialist party usa. and these are some of the people that have come out today and supported him.
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on the website, there is new audio of bill ayers that came out today. it is stunning! he is actually annoyed in this interview, for the interviewer suggesting that he denounced violence in the past. he corrects him and then compares himself and the weather underground to the wikileaks people. watch. and the focus on the weather underground is a violent unbelievably out of control, it reminds me if you put it in today's context, that we have wikileaks describing, you know, revealing all the incredible things going on. real assault of democracy by our government in a systemic way. >> glenn: this is dangerous! this is going to appeal to a lot of people because there is a kernel of truth in it. that is the government is out of control. it's interesting. because at first glance, this would be counterintuitive. it's bill ayers coming out. and supporting somebody who
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is going to hurt, you know, a friend of his. going to set the whole world on fire. and he is buddies with the president. why would he take down barack obama? he helped launch barack obama's campaign. i told you, they are building structure. and when that structure is finished, they need it to collapse into their arms. bottom up, top down. collapse. in the arms. well, we are seeing it now, building of the structure with the fcc. the new broadcast regulations, micro managing characters on the tv shows. we'll show you this later in the broadcast. we have ayers, progressives, radical, hating the country, a country so easy it's killing innocent people according to ayers and they want to take it down. take down all the global structure. workers of the world unite and then start over with their own global government. there is a lot to be said for
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motive. because why all these communists stand behind assange, some libertarians do as well. i believe they do. because they want to see the truth exposed so we can restore and repair a broken system. ron paul is standing behind assange. i believe ron paul feels the way i do about this government. that it is out of control. and it's not going to last. it needs to be repaired. needs to be reduced in size. assange is looking at breaking the entire system. the communists supporting him want the truth to come out because they know it will set the world on fire. an they will replace the system altogether. according to time magazine, assange founded wikileaks because he believed the free exchange of information would put an end to an illegitimate governance.
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did you know that saassange flew to kenya to make a presentation about the newly launched wikileaks website? let's go back to what we discussed earlier. assange and the two women accusing him of rape. if you read the newspapers, we read a lot of them today. many of the newspapers and the reporters are now saying that the first woman is a cia agent. is she? i don't know. is she a plant in the uber left working for the cia? i don't know. is she not a cia agent, is she connected to the cia? i don't know. i don't know. but does it matter? let me give you two scenarios here, and you tell me what happens. woman number one, believed to be tied to the radical organizations, she is hanging around s.d.s. people. of course glenn beck would say that. he is covering for cia! he's an neokahn! really? it works to their advantage, scenario one, number one.
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other side, scenario number two. she is part of the c.i.a. she's a c.i.a. agent. of course she is. you think the government will let this happen? the c.i.a. is out of control. you can't trust them. the courts today say you can assassinate people on foreign soil. so the left wins again. either way you play it, the system collapses. either way it feeds into our legitimate distrust. you must control your distrust and be very wary. the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. here is one thing. i want you to understand this. i do not trust the government as far as i can throw it. have you seen the size of it? i can't pick it up. anarchy, however, throws you in to the arms of those who have built a new structure. bottom up, top down, inside out. buckle up. because this is a case that again splits tea partiers from libertarians and splits neighbor against neighbor. you have libertarians siding
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with uber leftists. michael moore and ron paul. everyone knows a house divided cannot stand. so how do we solve this problem? how do we unite? it's pandora's box, but there is a solution next. has america climbed so far out on the branch they can no longer see their roots? glenn, a tree, and the answer for america. next. @ñçm@;
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i'm patti ann browne. very sad news to report to you tonight. elizabeth edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate has died after a long battle with breast cancer. she was 61. the edwards family issued a statement yesterday saying doctors had advised her to stop further treatment for her disease as it would be unproductive. mrs. edwards announced her
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illness in 2004. she spent her final days at home in north carolina, with family and friends at her side. the family has issued a new statement now saying they've lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence, but she very much remains the heart of the family. they also thanked thousands who have given their support and prayers over the past few years. edwards leaves behind three children. she separated from her husband john earlier this year after his extramarital affair. but he was reportedly at her bedside the past few days. she was chief advisor and strategist to her husband's campaign for senate and later the presidency. elizabeth edwards dead at age 61. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i want to talk to you a little bit about the tree of liberty. the tree of liberty. the tree, where the founders and the revolutioniaries of
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the time would all meet. they would meet under the tree of liberty and figure out -- sorry, i could only find ben frank link. he was lonely under the tree of liberty. now we have to face the question is the tree of liberty dead? is the american experiment over? they are planting a new seed. it's an acorn that's planted. they have all kind of plans and it does not resemble the old tree of liberty. is it worth it? is it worth it? the left is dividing and conquering and they're tearing us apart. but we have to be able to come back together. how do you do that with the complex problems that we have? i'll show you with a few things. let's say this is the tree of liberty and the four branches if you will. let's start with wikileaks. everybody is telling you now, you have to arrest him. you've got to stop, baton down the hatches. some are saying we have to secure the internet. okay, can we back up? we're all on the edges of the
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branches. if you put enough weight on the ends of the branches, the tree will split in half. that's what they are counting on. here is wikileaks. let's trace this branch back a little bit. why do we have the wikileaks problem? because of lax security. why do we have lax security? because of corrupt politicians and government. why do we have that? because the government is too powerful. they haven't answered to the people for a long time. why is that happening? because we lost sight of the founders' vision. the founders' vision, america is good. root of the tree, courage, hard work, thrift, hope, honesty. the 9-12 trunk and roots. 9-12 principles and values. you do it with any of it. we have unemployment extension. this is going to split the tree in half eventually. we're all standing out here. do we do it or not? let's trace this problem back. too many people are unemployed. why is that? because business is scared to hire. why is that? because the government is too big and overactive and
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they're scaring businesses. why is this all happening? because we lost sight of the founders' vision. tarp. why did that happen? let's get tarp. there is a solution. do we do more tarp? no. let's trade it back. tarp because we had a banking crisis. banking crisis because of greed. greed because of self-importance. self-importance because there is loss of faith in something bigger than ourselves. which leads to the loss of sight to the founder's vision and all the way down to the roots. we're printing money. i'm sorry, we're digitizing money. printing or digitizing money. why? because of the economic slowdown, because of the housing crisis. why do we have a housing crisis? we were signing unaffordable mortgages. why? we were too focussed on stuff. we have to cut the branches off. the only way to solve the problem is get back down here. anything you try to do up here is still going to in the end split the tree in half.
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that is what they are hoping for. they have a new seed for you. we'll get a new tree. i'm sorry, i like the old tree of liberty. but this has gone unpruned for too long. it's time to prune all of this back and get back to the founding principles. and the roots, the principles and the values. that founded this country, that built in country. we've been abusing it for 100 years. we can get there. but we have to unite on the principles and the values. not talk about just the problems and the political solutions, because at this point, gang, there are no political solutions for these. it's too big. i would like to ask you to do something tonight. at 8:00. i started making documentaries for i have my first one in a
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series called "american traditions." trying to get back to the traditions of america. what got us here? it's a full length documentary on insider extreme. this one you want to get the whole family on. this one is american traditions christmas. we have a lot of celebrities including andy williams. really, tender moment with andy williams. the whole family will see. you will not believe the history of christmas in america. it will make sense possibly for the first time in your life. american traditions, christmas. tonight. begins, i believe at 7:00, or 8:00. 8:00 eastern time at go there now. sign up. back in a minute. @ñññ÷ç]/wçó/>v@ññ]o
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>> glenn: i'm just making a
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list of the things that if you needed to control, the united states of america, if you wanted to take over, if you were a radical revolutionary, what would you need? what would you have to have? what would you have to have? there's about five or six of these things. i wrote down a year-and-a-half ago and i've been watching the trends on them. there is not much left. there is not much left. tomorrow, i'm going to show you something that is i think really disturbing. it's something the military is now prepping for. i want you to understand this, because i trust the military. i just don't trust the elite elected officials in washington. that are now preparing for catastrophic collapse in civil disabead yens. it's one thing to hear me say it. it's another to hear the pentagon say it. preparations are being made and this the first stop on the train, as they have to
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first get you to stop talking to each other. the media. the f.c.c. is where we're going to do tonight. one thing we told you a year ago, i told you that the fairness doctrine was not going to go through. i said it wasn't enough. it wasn't nearly enough for the radicals. it wasn't difficult to figure out. because it was in their own words. but people refuse to listen to people in power and what they say. the fcc collisioner now cliburn, the daughter of congressman clyburn, i believe, views this as civil rights issue. i warn you she will use language that would be considered offensive if i or don imus could say it. listen. >> every happy --
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[ inaudible ] deserve -- [ inaudible ] i have nothing of a significant overarching civil rights issue. i can communicate worldwide. >> glenn: okay, another civil right. where is the outcry? i mean, the nappy-headed thing, really, seriously? no outcry there? the point is that it's not fa fairness doctrine. it's now social justice. it is a civil right. it is knocking someone out of power and giving it to someone else. that's what is coming. now the fcc commissioner wants broadcast stations to pass a public values test. they will have to pass it to keep their license. if they fail, they'll go on probation. the if there is no measurable progress, they will give the license to someone who will use it to serve the public
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interest. "who will decide which stations made measurable progress? who makes the decision on who to give the license to if the station isn't deemed a public value anymore? it just me or does this sound more and more like venezuela's media system than america's? al sharpton is now out making the rounds on the front row, making the case that rush limbaugh and no doubt others like me, need to be off the air. >> rush limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say. he does not have to do it, though, on publicly regulated airways. the f.c.c. has a responsible to set standards to say the public cannot be offended based on their race, or their gender in this country. >> glenn: then he'd never be on tv. because he offends me an awful lot. i'm sure i offend him. you do have the right to say whatever you want. you also have the right to be
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offended. you don't have a right to never be offended. not everybody wins and not everybody gets a trophy at the end of the game. the fcc cannot regulate offensive language. if you were to discriminate based on race or gender, then you run afoul of the law. but now, we're talking about never being to offended. and who is going to decide what is to offensive? how are we possibly going to solve any problems if we are never going to offend each other? they're coming now for talk radio and the internet. i told you this was coming. progressives desperately want to control what you see, what you read, what you eat, what you hear, what you watch. who lives and who dies? the structure is close to being finish and in place. congress said no to net neutrality and so did the courts now. the bureaucratic system is coming in to regulate it. regulate, regulate? who is the most dangerous man
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in america? oh, yeah. cass sunstein. our czar of regulation. can the fcc or the court overrule the american people? find that answer in the 5,000 year leap. read it. you must know these things and be self-reliant and unplug from the system as much as you can. do not rely on others including me to tell you the truth. know it for yourself.
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>> glenn: next week i'll be in wilmington, ohio, and i'll broadcast this program live and we have special things going on around town. then i'm doing a special show in the theater there. murphy theater. december 15 in wilmington, ohio. it is a special place. it is a place that 7,500 have lost their jobs. it's a town of 12,000, i believe. everybody else has brought their cameras there and they've said look at the despair. lo look! we came there and we found profound hope. we found answers there. i think wilmington ohio is one of those towns that can teach the rest of the country have to live their life. it is, it's wonderful.
5:56 pm
it really is. this is a town -- if you have christmas shopping to do, and you're in ohio, come to wilmington and do your christmas shopping there. i guarantee you, guarantee you that when you leave there, you're going to leave with much more than you came with. join me wednesday, december 15.
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